The Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust was incorporated on the 15th December 1978 and its Trust Deed was registered on the 24th February 1989.
The purpose of the Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust is for the betterment of the education, training, advancement and benefit in life of young persons within New Zealand.
The main funder and instigator was Rotarian Brian Moore, supported by members of the day of the Riccarton Rotary Club.
The Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust is administered by Trustees appointed by the President of the Riccarton Rotary Club. The Trustees have appointed a grants committee to distribute the funds that the Trust generates.
The amount of distribution is at the sole discretion of the Trustees who also verify that the distribution from the Grants Committee is in accord with the Trust Deed. The Trustees decision on distribution is final
If you would like to apply for a grant from the Trust click here to go to the Trust web site from where you can download the application form.
Requests for further information about the Trust can be made to the Grants Committee secretary.
Email the Secretary by clicking here or write to: Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust, PO Box 8088, Christchurch 8440.